Skydive Of course you want to skydive.

Everyone has thought about it and everyone says they will do it someday. Well, now that you're in college this is the right place to try it out. Georgia Tech has a world renowned skydiving club that has been around since 1969.
Why wait? Schedule your jump today!

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Tandem Skydive Tandem Skydive

This is the best way to go if you're looking for that one time unforgettable experience. Call up some friends and get the whole group to know you'll need a witness.

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Advanced FreeFall Advanced FreeFall

If you're looking to get certified to skydive on your own, AFF is the way to go. It takes 6 hours of ground school and 7 jumps with instructors. Georgia Tech is the most well-equipped skydiving club in the nation, so get certified and start jumping with us ASAP.

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Google Maps for SDA Google Map

So now you're ready to skydive an you just need directions to the dropzone. Just click on the "More Info" link and you'll be brought to an easy to read Google Map of where Skydive Atlanta is and an option to put in your own address for quick driving directions!

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First meeting announcement

Hey all,
Our first meeting of the semester will be this coming Thursday at 7pm in room 243 of the CRC. Bring $50 for dues and $12 per t-shirt that you ordered. Make checks out to "Georgia Tech Sport Parachute Club". We will be talking about a lot of important things like the tunnel trip, fundraising, teams for next year, collegiates stories, and more.


Documentary on the team!

Hey guys check out this new documentary that was just made on the GTSPC! I'll try to get the video imbedded ASAP.


Attention new members and interested students!

Our first meeting will be Thursday, August 25th, at 7:00pm in the Sport Club Room (Rm 243) of the CRC. ANY STUDENT is welcome! We will be going over a lot of information for new members and people who want to join. We will also be having meetings every subsequent Thursday, same place, same time. Bring your friends if they're interested too!


Night Skydive at SDA

Hey guys: that perfect combination of factors is coming together this weekend! The moon is high in the sky just a little while after sunset, Gary and Trey both are ready to do it, and even the weather forecast looks good! If you've got your B license and want to do night jumps this Saturday, take a look at the facebook event for this coming Saturday.

RSVP and write on the wall- slots may be limited.

Here's the link:



New Site Features/Profile Updates

Hey guys,

I'm trying to update the website. I started with updating the officers (which will change soon, but what the heck; it's good practice), and I'm trying to add a page for reserve repack dates so we'll all know what's due when (even if it is just a simple google doc- gimme a break, I know jack about computers).  I also want to add another page for ride sign-ups/availability for each weekend, so you could just check online to see who's going. We'll see how effective any of these are.

 Also, if you'd like your profile updated, send me a picture and some info you'd like posted. This holds true at pretty much any time you think it's out of date, as updating the profiles is a pretty quick process. 



Updating website

Hey guys!

This is my first post as secretary of the skydiving team. We've been working to update the website so you should be seeing lots of changes in the next couple of weeks. We're trying to make the profiles page so that members can update the info themselves, and we're also trying to make a section on the website where people can sign up on the dates they intend to head down to our dropzone. That should help in coordinating rides.

Anyways, we had a bunch of interest in the club last thursday, both from chalking we've done around campus and from the table we'd set up at the info session earlier. We'll continue to do this occasionally throughout the semester so people know we're around! Any people interested in joining the club should contact our president (his info is on this website) to set up a first jump course, or just attend the meetings thursday for more info.

 Hope to be adding a lot more to this website soon, so check back every now and then and see what we've got going on!

 -Lee Farris, Secretary


New College Skydiving Website!

College Skydiving
Over the course of the National Collegiate Competition this past year, there was a lot of talk about college students having a tough time getting together for events.  There is now a new website that was started in January this year by students from Georgia Tech, Kansas State University, and Virginia Tech.  A few ideas from these students and a few ideas from Chris Spence have turned into something pretty big for the college skydiving community.  The site is and everyone is welcome to join the Forum and Photo Gallery.

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